Hello, and welcome to my website.  I am a licensed clinical social worker in San Francisco.  I provide psychotherapy to individuals, as well as consultation services to individuals, groups and organizations.  I bring nearly 15 years of clinical experience to my practice and am skilled at working with a variety of people on a wide range of issues.

My psychotherapy practice is focused on helping individuals who are:

- Struggling with depression, sadness, anxiety, or having difficulty managing their moods

- Working to come to terms with traumatic experiences or posttraumatic stress symptoms

- Experiencing a difficult personal, familial or work-related transition

- Dealing with loss or grief

- Wanting to establish, develop or improve their relationships

- Having difficulty thinking clearly about their experiences and their goals

- Recovering (or trying to recover) from alcohol or drug dependency

- Hoping to change old, outdated, ineffective patterns

- Contending with the effects of long-term imprisonment

- Dealing with the effects of work-related stress, vicarious traumatization, or burnout

- Feeling inauthentic, unfulfilled, or stuck

I also provide consultation to individuals and groups on a variety of topics, including:

- Secondary traumatic stress & vicarious traumatization

- Clinical social work career development

- Forensic social work practice

- Work with individuals who have served long-term prison sentences

- Psychodynamic community mental health practice

- Clinical interventions and social justice work

- Trauma treatment in forensic settings (such as prisons, jails and community corrections agencies)

Feel free to read through the rest of this site for more detailed information, or just contact me directly with any questions that you have.