PhD     Smith College, School for Social Work

Dissertation: Public Safety, Psychological Security: How California Parole Agents Experience Their Work

Committee: Kathryn Basham, PhD (Chair), Neil Altman, PhD, Megan Comfort, PhD

MSW     University of California, Berkeley, School of Social Welfare

BA/BS     The College of New Jersey

Teaching & Supervisory Experience

Access Institute     San Francisco, CA

Clinical Supervisor

Smith College, School for Social Work     Northampton, MA

Faculty Field Advisor, MSW Program      

Research Advisor, MSW Program      

Lecturer and Adjunct Instructor, MSW Program      

HBSE 131 Individual Problems in Biopsychosocial Functioning

HBSE 331 Comparative Psychodynamic Theory

PRAC 520 Boundaries, Boundary Violations and the Management of Intense Affect

University of California, Berkeley, School of Social Welfare     Berkeley, CA

Lecturer, MSW Program    

SW 298/SW 260 Forensic Social Work

Program Development Experience

Program Coordinator  

“Lifer PRNN”: Lifer Peer Reentry Navigation Network Program

Research Experience

Doctoral Fellow

Smith College, School for Social Work            Northampton, MA

Research Intern

San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group            San Francisco, CA

Graduate Student Researcher     

Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center            Berkeley, CA

Research Coordinator

University of Pennsylvania           Philadelphia, PA

Clinical Experience

Private Psychotherapy Practice                                             

Psychotherapist           San Francisco, CA

Parole Outpatient Clinic, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation 

Clinical Social Worker           San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Psychotherapy & Research Group


Vacaville Psychiatric Program, California Department of Mental Health    

Psychiatric Social Worker           Vacaville, CA

Contra Costa County Partial Hospitalization Program

Social Work Intern           Richmond, CA

SCOH Services, Intercultural Family Services, Inc.

Case Manager           Philadelphia, PA

Neuro-Behavioral Stabilization Program, Bancroft, Inc.

Behavior Therapist           Haddonfield, NJ


Kita, E. (2015). Public safety, psychological security: A practice-informed research study exploring how California parole agents experience their work. Smith Studies in Social Work, 85 (1), 5-29.

Kita, E. (2011).  Making it thinkable:  A psychodynamic approach to the psychosocial problems of prisons and prisoners.  In:  Berzoff, J. (ed.) Falling through the cracks: Psychodynamic social work with vulnerable and oppressed populations, New York: Columbia University Press.

Kita, E.  (2011). Potential and possibility:  Psychodynamic psychotherapy and social change with incarcerated patients.  Clinical Social Work Journal, 39, 9-1.

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Kita. E. (15 November 2009).  [Review of the book Aboriginal populations in the mind: Race and primitivity in psychoanalysis by Celia Brickman].  Clinical Social Work Journal, 37, 370-372.

Kita. E. (21 July 2009).  [Review of the book Healing trauma:  Attachment, mind, body and brain, by Solomon, M. and Siegal, D. (eds.)].  Clinical Social Work Journal, 37 (3), 257-259.


American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work      Baltimore, MD

Invited Presenter: “If I cannot bend the higher powers, I must stir up the lower depths”: Mass incarceration and social work praxis

Social Work Coalition for Clinical Social Work      San Francisco, CA

Invited Discussant: Fear in the Workplace – Recognizing Danger and Working with Reality 

Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology       San Francisco, CA

Invited Discussant: Breaking Point – A Psychoanalytic Response to the Effects of Forced Isolation in the Age of Mass Incarceration 

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Board of Parole Hearings           Sacramento, CA

Invited Presenter: Lifer Responsivity

American Society of Criminology, Annual Meeting       Washington, DC

Accepted Roundtable: Life on the Inside, Life on the Outside – The dynamics of long-term confinement, the politics of release, and the challenges of community reintegration.

American Psychoanalytic Association, Annual Meeting         San Francisco, CA

Invited Panel: Reflective Spaces/Material Places

American Psychological Association, Division 39 Annual Conference      San Francisco, CA

Invited Panel: Clinical Studies in Community Psychoanalysis – Reflective Spaces/Material Places

American Psychological Association, Division 39 Annual Conference      San Francisco, CA

Original Paper: Perpetrators and Perpetuators / Mr. Poorbear & Me

Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California & Reflective Spaces/Material Places      San Francisco, CA

Invited Case Presentation: Murdering Minds – Violent Solutions to Inexorable Pressures

Coalition for Clinical Social Work    San Francisco, CA

Invited Discussant: Launching Your Social Work Career

UC Berkeley, School of Social Welfare     Berkeley, CA

Invited Panel: Community Corrections Colloquium – The Politics of Service Delivery 

Reflective Spaces/Material Places     San Francisco, CA

Case Presentation: A Day in the Life at Parole – Trauma, Survival and Transformation

Prison Creative Arts Program, MLK Day Symposium     Ann Arbor, MI

Invited Panel:  Mental Health and the Prison Industrial Complex

Council on Social Work Education, Annual Conference      Atlanta, GA

Accepted Panel:  Falling Through Cracks: Psychodynamically Oriented Social Care with Vulnerable, At-Risk Clients

Coalition for Clinical Social Work      San Francisco, CA

Case Presentation: Transforming Trauma –  Clinical Social Work with Incarcerated Men

Association for Psychoanalysis of Culture & Society, Annual Conference     Rutgers, NJ

Accepted Panel: Symbolic Power & Psychoanalytic Work with the Socially Disenfranchised

International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis, Annual Conference     San Francisco, CA

Invited Panel: Roundtable on Community-Based Psychoanalysis

International Psychoanalytic Association, International Congress Annual Meeting     Chicago, IL

Case Presentation: The Dynamic Relationship between Oppression, Trauma, and Incarceration

Parole Outpatient Clinic, Social Work In-Service Training     Oakland, CA

Workshop: Mentalization – Theory and Practice with Parolees

Smith College School for Social Work, Field Integrative Seminar      Berkeley, CA

Clinical Presentation: The Isomorphism of Clinical Social Work in CDCR

Qualitative Inquiry Congress, Annual Meeting     Urbana-Champaign, IL

Invited Panel: There’s No Such Thing as a Research Subject –  An Intersubjective Perspective on Researcher Reflexivity

San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group, Annual Conference    San Francisco, CA

Case Presentation: Working with Incarcerated Patients – Social Justice & Clinical Practice

Invited Panel: Thinking Multiculturally – Culture, Race, Power and CMT

Vacaville Psychiatric Program     Vacaville, CA

Case Presentation: Trauma Treatment – A Case Study

Case Presentation: The Observing Ego and its Development in a Relapse Prevention Group


American Psychoanalytic Association

Psychoanalytic Research Training Program, Yale University